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    Cc250-Mt Clone Carver
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Cc250-Mt Clone Carver

Table Material: 30 mm Plywood

Table Size: 580mm x 300mm x 30mm

Router Guide Shafts: 12mm Crome Steel rod.

Bearings: Steel ball linear bearins.

Side Rails: 27mm Diameter Steel Tube Rails.
Steel Finish      :Baked Enamel

Carving Capasity: 240mm Dia x 450mm Tall

Spindle Capasity: 220mm Dia x 800mm Long (If you change the side rails, reasonably length be unlimited) .

Weight:  26 kg

Router: Makita RT0700 240V 710W 10000-30000rpm   6mm-8mm pens

Router Bits: 4 pcs( differend sizes)

Stylus: 4 pcs paired with router bits.
€ 1.140,00€ 860,00

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