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    Ant500 Carvıng Duplıcator
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Ant500 Carvıng Duplıcator

Exemple Uses: Chello, Architectural details, violin- viola plates, Guitars top/back, reliefs,ect .
Technical Details:

The bearing rod is 25 mm diameter induction chromium plated hardened steel shaft.
Brake system for stability and control.
25mm diameter induction chromium plated steel shafts  for side  rails.
All bearings are steel ball linear bearings.
Steel Finish      :Baked Enamel

Router: Makita RT 0700 C

Input Wattage = 710 w
Collet Capacity = 6mm and 8mm

Speed = 10000 - 30000 rpm

Router bits: 5 pieces in different sizes
Stylus         : 5 pieces paired with router bits .


Carving Area:,46 cm W x  80 cm L x 12cm H. Maximum Work piece Size. (optionally scalable)
Table Top Size: 130 cm W x 140cm L (table not included)
Rail Length: 120 cm.

Weight: 34kg

€ 0,00€ 1.290,00

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